Saturday, July 31, 2021
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You’re a failure if you are 25 and still living with your parents – Nigerian Policeman

Well, “every man has his time” is popular quote from most inspirational speakers but to this young Nigerian Police Officer , your time must come before you are 25 years old.

A Nigerian Police Officer. Muhktar Adamu, has taken to social media to berate youth who are above 25-years-old and still leaving comfortably in their father’s house.

Muhktar Adamu who was reacting to claims that his parents got him a comfortable spot in the Nigerian Police force, stated he got to where he is today by working hard.

The Nigerian policeman who advised young people to start up anything no matter how hard it is, added that you’re a failure if you’re 25 and still comfortably staying with your parents and eating their foods.

From all of us at viewxtra , we encourage you to work hard but don’t let anyone put you under pressure because of your age. Be persistent and consistent in what ever you are doing, it will pay off one day.

Watch the video below

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