What people think of you doesn’t matter; it’s what God thinks of you that matters most – Mufti Menk

A Muslim cleric from Zimbabwe, Ismail ibn Musa Menk, also known as Mufti Menk has given the most touching piece of motivational speech on Twitter.

The Islamic Scholar said what people think about you doesn’t matter but instead what God does matters the most.

He added in whatsoever that one does, it is the Almighty God’s approval that counts but not human.

Mufti Menk tweeted;

“What people think of you doesn’t matter. In this social media age, we’re fixated on perception; it’s all about what people think of us, how they view us, their approval, etc. Take a step back. It’s the Almighty’s approval we need. If He’s pleased with us, nothing else matters!”

He also in a separate tweet added;

“What we see as mistakes can actually be a turning point. The Almighty can turn the mistake into a huge blessing. It’s up to you to see it or are you too busy wallowing in self-pity? Don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made. Use them to propel you to the next level!”

Mufti Menk is the head of the fatwa department of The Council of Islamic Scholars of Zimbabwe.


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