Samuel Ajibola is a Nigerian television and film actor, model and events compere.

He is best known for his role as a child-actor in the Opa Williams directed movie Tears for Love,[ as well as his role as “Spiff” in the Africa Magic TV series The Johnsons.

Ajibola is also famous for being the first Nigerian child actor to win the award for Best Kid Actor for three years in a row.

On March 4, 2017 he won the AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award) for best Actor in an M-net comedy series The Johnsons.

Enough of the introductions, back to the business of the day. Every body likes to watch Spiff when he is acting but not everybody likes his opinion about things in reality.

Spiff recently commented under a video that has been making round the internet, where a police officer insulted those who are 25 years and above and still staying with their parents, in his words “they are failures” and should wake up and work.

Many people didn’t agree with him because as the saying goes “no rush in life ,everybody has his/time” but Spiff seems to see something else from what the policeman said.

Spiff saw wisdom from the words of the policeman and commented “WISDOM TALK!!! but fans came after him instantly for supporting the police man.

some fans reactions were;

“what wisdom at the age of 25 pipo are still looking for admission ode”

“oga (spiff) dont be a fowl oh”

“even you spiff??? you agree with this?

check some of the comments below!


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