Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Princess Shyngle Nigerian Boyfriend Revealed?

For the past few weeks Princess Shyngle has been making noise about her new found love on social media. The lover remained mysterious until today when an instagram blogger revealed his identity.

Trending reports on Social Medial claims to have revealed the identity of the ‘Nigerian Big Boy’ with big manhood who’s behind Princess Shyngle’s G-Wagon has been revealed.

Princess Shyngle over the weekend posted a video of a G-Wagon on her Instagram page, saying it’s a Valentines gift she got from her boyfriend.

Yesterday, she also took to the Instagram to reveal that he is also blessed with the biggest “cassava” she had ever received.

Rumors had it that her boyfriend expects her to birth him a set of twins.

Apparently the alleged boyfriend is Kevin Too Much, a Nigerian Musician.

Instagram blogger “Those Called Celebs” revealed his identity.

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