Nigerians don’t love God, they only go to Church for Miracles – Samklef

It is not a new thing anymore that Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world and Christianity is her most populous religion.

Nigeria has over 200 different churches owned by different individuals and also boast of having at least five pastors in the list of top 10 richest pastors in the world

The Question Remains, Do Nigerians Love God?

Nigerian music producer popularly known as Samklef thinks the answer is NO as he made his opinion about Christians known in a tweet where he argued that Nigerians do not really go to church for the purpose of serving God but for wonders and miracles.

This is coming weeks after the producer apologised for sexualizing female singer, Tems, and lambasting his colleague Simi.

According to the music producer, Samklef in a post through his Twitter handle, insists that Nigerians worship in the house of God only for wonders and not for the true intentions of praising God.

His tweet read:

“Nigeria people go to church not because they want to go worship God. They go cause they want miracle so anything their pastor tell dem Na him Dem dey believe. Abi I lie?” .


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