New S*x Toy Has Been Created To Let You Video The Whole S*x With Your Pennis

In an evolving world, all industries need to keep up with the times and the sex toy business is no different. Step forward this odd new creation, which lets you record and livestream footage from your penis, all while you’re getting, erm, intimate.

The ‘CockCam’, which retails at $160 (£122), is essentially a camera that attaches to your privates. It’s embedded on to a comfy, silicone ring, the product is compatible with all water-based lubricants and, sorry for the TMI, but was also designed to hold blood in the penis which facilitates longer lasting erections.

Bringing it truly into the 21st century, it’s even got an integrated WiFi connection, which means you can livestream to a mobile, tablet or laptop. Technology, eh?

Beware though, it shows in your WiFi settings as “The_C-Cam_******”, with the * standing for the code for your specific camera – so it’s not exactly the discreetest of usernames, but then again, if you’re planning on live streaming your intimate moments to the world, then you’re possibly not that fussed.

It films in 720p HD quality – not the highest spec to be honest, but has six night-vision lights, meaning you can use it in the dark.

The product has a battery life of 90 minutes, so for most men, that’s more than enough to time to finish your business.


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