First we were introduced to a range of jeans that claimed to eliminate the smell of farts. Then came the French inventor selling pills promising to transform your smelly gas into a lovely fragrance.

Now we bring to you the charcoal underwear pads that can neutralise the smell of yours or your partner’s farts. They also might also come in handy as a gag gift for a colleague or friend.

The flatulence deodorisers are attached to your underwear using an adhesive strip which isn’t noticeable to anyone and won’t be uncomfortable for the fartee.

The fart will pass through the strip and the charcoal will filter the nasty smell, meaning that no one will know aaany different.

To make matters even better, the pads are machine washable – what else could you possibly need? We all know that washable means reusable.

Flat-D Innovations website says that the product is ‘perfect for IBS sufferers, gastric bypass surgery individuals, or anyone with excess gas’.

You can get your hands on the pads for around $15 (£12) which will buy you the reusable version and they’re currently on sale so get in there fast before they’re gone.

If the pads aren’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer to give some medication a whirl. Look no further because a pill has been developed by an inventor called Christian Poincheval, who claims that they can transform your smelly gas into the lovely fragrance of chocolate or roses.

Christian has been on a mission since 2007, according to his company’s website – Pilule Pet (or the fart pill…)

They claim that the pill is entirely natural, there’s nothing medicine or drug based therein. Just a ‘dietary supplement based on natural ingredients’ that will make your guff smell good.

The website claims: “The Fart Pill is the result of lengthy research and trials and is on sale since 2007. Our fragrant variants also add a touch of humour for any occasion.

“Our numerous returning customers are no doubt the best proof.”

And it doesn’t end there – why would it? There are even some interesting variations, too. Ever wanted your flatulence to smell of ginger? Yep, you can.

There are even some interesting seasonal choices, too. Christmas chocolate or May Day lily, anyone?

It’s not just for humans, either. The website also claims to have some powders that you can use on your dog. Now there’s a game changer


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