Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Man lands heavy slap on soldier for punishing him then runs away amid Coronavirus lockdown (Watch)

As expected, the lockdown ordered by the government of many countries has given rise to so many situations that’s far from the normal lifestyle of the human race… from workers working from home, to students learning online et al, the lockdown to curb the spread of the Covid-19 is definitely history being made.

However, the lockdown has also given rise to some really hilarious situations as local authorities try their best to wade off rebellious citizens who disobey the order of the lockdown.

There’s been series of videos on the internet of local authorities dealing with stubborn citizens seen on the roads and not observing the lockdown – the videos are usually portrayed as hilarious due to how the stubborn citizens are being dealt with.

But in the case of this video which has since gone viral, a citizen is seen landing a heavy slap on an officer who was flogging him ruthlessly on the road.

Although, the reason why the man and two other men were being punished by the official is kinda sketchy, it shouldn’t be unconnected to the possibility of them not observing the lockdown.

The said man, after landing a slap on the officer took to his heels after the soldier cocked his gun and pushed back when he was slapped.

A Facebook user Abdul Waris shared that the incident took place in Old-Tafo (3 miles Gee Junction), a suburb of Kumasi amid a Coronavirus lockdown.

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