Lady whose boyfriend killed her sugar daddy marries lawyer of her jailed boyfriend

There is a saying that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ but each day we get surprised by actions of our fellow humans.

A couple of months ago, a murder case made it way to the media space involving a lady, her boyfriend and her sugar daddy.

The alleged sugar daddy caught this girl with her boyfriend. He confronted the lady which led to fracas. The boyfriend got involved and shot the sugar daddy dead.

He was arrested, arraigned before court and subsequently jailed.

There is a new twist to this whole story. Just 4 months in jail, the boyfriend has lost his girlfriend to his lawyer.

Below is the report :

“Men are the most dangerous destructube creatures on earth. The Sugar daddy did not have a gun to his head when he chose to cheat on his wife woth this woman. Be mad at the sugar daddy!! Yall are mad at the wrong person. Maybe if her boyfriend was a real man who could provide, she wouldnt have been taking money from the sugar daddy. Men need to take responsibility”


Find the original post on instagram here: Man marries jailed boyfriend lawyer

Over the weekend, the lawyer of this jailed guy sent the girlfriend to the alter. This girl is finally married to the lawyer.


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