John Cena Admits To Getting ‘Accidental Erection’ During WWE Wrestling Matches

WWE wrestler John Cena has admitted that he has suffered from some… shall we say, ‘unexpected’ bodily surprises during his time in the ring, including getting himself slightly over-excited in the middle of a match.

Yes, this is the second piece of unexpected boner news in as many days, after we told you yesterday that one of the stars of The Inbetweeners suffered from an unexpected visit from the man downstairs during a scene with Emily Atack.

Anyway, this is the sort of thing that you might expect from a teenage boy rather than a fully grown man in a wrestling leotard, but apparently it never stopped happening to John Cena, as he explained in an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Appearing on the Bravo show on Monday night, Cena said: “It’s something the body does, you just ignore it.

“Just ignore it. It’s what the body does. You can’t be blamed for that.”

Fair enough. However, you’d have to imagine it would be more difficult to ignore if you were wearing a skimpy spandex suit and someone was trying to chuck you around.

That’s how I’ve always found it, anyway.

No matter how awkward or embarrassing things get – and they must get pretty bad – Cena also told the show that he couldn’t imagine a world where he would leave the WWE Universe for good.

Cena has made his way into films and TV recently, but he certainly knows what side his bread is buttered on with regards to loyalty (and, presumably, hustle and respect).

When asked whether he had plans to retire, the 42-year-old said: “That’s a tough question because I don’t think I’ll ever be disconnected from the WWE.

“I think whether it’s an on-camera role or an off-camera role, I don’t think the word ‘retire’, I’ll ever use that.

“So I know that time is limited because it’s a physical, performance-based thing, and I’m 42, so I know that window is kind of coming to a close, but I don’t think I’ll ever be retired.

“I would love to be able to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that I have about live performances to up-and-comers and hopefully help people out.”

To be fair, Cena must have gained an incredible wealth of knowledge during his time inside the squared circle.

Hell, the guy probably even has tips for young up-and-coming wrestlers on how to get rid of an unexpected hard-on.

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