Mohamad Tawhidi:-you need to see a doctor for wearing this.

Muslim leader Mohamad Tawhidi has aired his view concerning the use of ‘burqa’ in Islam Religion.

According to Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, a woman deciding to wear the burqa all her life isn’t normal.

Sharing photos of women in burqa, the Imam of Peace, as he is fondly called, wrote on Twitter;“If you think wearing this your entire life is normal, then go see a doctor. If you think your wife should wear this her entire life, then go to hell”

Mohammad Tawhidi, who lives in Australia, has clashed with fellow Muslim leaders over his comments.

He urged all Muslims to respect free speech and democracy. However, Tawhidi has been criticized in the past for his views on the religion.

Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian Shia Muslim influencer and reformist Imam.[1][2] Tawhidi has been embraced by a number of Western far-right[3][1][4] and Islamophobic groups.[3][1][5][6].

Tawhidi self-identifies as a Shi’ite Muslim of Iraqi origin who was born in QomIran,[7] in 1982 or 1983.[8]

In 2009, he enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies at Al-Mustafa University in Qom, but dropped out in 2012.[9] He later worked for one of the Shirazi-run television stations in Karbala.[10] In 2015, he returned to Australia, and is currently based in Adelaide.[10] He is fluent in ArabicEnglish, and Persian.[11]

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