How to do rituals: Man arrested with his ritual materials – Why?

The question many young people want to know is if there’s how to do rituals that one won’t be in government trap or arrested. With the incident below you will get the right answer.

What is Rituals?

Rituals, according to vocabulary are ceremonies or actions performed customarily. In the contest of this article, Rituals are the diabolic rites performed by traditionalists in other to make someone get money.

What went wrong and why was the ritualist arrested?

A young man identified as Benjamin Adjei has been arrested for attempting to use his nephew for a money ritual in Ghana.

According to reports, Benjamin, 23, allegedly lured his 13-year-old nephew, Listowel Adjei, into a taxi cab, but luck ran out on him when he was arrested upon a tip-off at the Abesim-Tano police barrier on Sunyani-Kumasi Highway on their way to the shrine, on Saturday, May 15.

How to do rituals


Police Sergeant Benjamin Lartey, who confirmed the incident told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Monday, May 17, that an informant (name withheld) reported at the Abesim Police Sation that he received a phone call from the suspect soliciting his assistance to see a ritualist that will help him sacrifice his nephew for money rituals.

Sgt Lartey said on Saturday the informant reported to the police, that the suspect had lured his nephew into a taxi ready to convey him to the place for the rituals.

How to do rituals

He said the police laid ambush at the Abesim-Tanoso barrier and arrested the suspect in possession of a bag containing a cutlass, a knife, red calico, a pot, quantity of cola nuts, cowries, and GH¢300.00.

Also confirming the incident, the Sunyani Division Crime Officer, DSP Kingsley Wiredu, said the police were able to arrest the suspect before he committed the crime.

He said ;
“Because we have had a description of the taxi and the way he was going to carry the victim when we got him arrested in the taxi, we found the victim who is a close nephew on board, and then we had a handbag containing a big cutlass, a knife, red calico, one big pot, several kola nuts, cowries and 300 Ghana cedis in cash, apparently, with which he had wanted to go and perform rituals to get rich overnight.”

“He was arrested and taken to the station, and during interrogation, he really admitted that was his intention. His plan was nipped in the bud, courtesy of the assistance given to police by the informant. He’s now in our custody. We are preparing him before we take him to court.”


In conclusion, rituals are not against the law because it is a way of life of a certain group of people but using humans and another thing that is protected by the law makes it illegal.

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