Good commercial sex workers (Good Ashawos) make donations to police Stations

Who says donating to charity is an exclusive preserve of only the rich? Prostitutes are also contributing their quota to the development of society.

Brave commercial sex workers make donations to police stations

While commercial sex workers are often arrested by police in Ghana/Nigeria, their counterparts in Kenya have exhibited a shocking bravado by making donations to two police stations.

According to, commercial sex workers cleaned two police stations and donated beddings for cells as the world marked the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

The sex workers under an umbrella body ‘Smart Ladies,’ cleaned the office of the local Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) and put up new curtains, the news website reported.

They took their trouble and scrubbed the floors at Central and Bondeni police stations to the surprise of many people.

Reports say the exercise which was led by the chairperson of the prostitutes Daisy Achieng saw more than 200 women handing over seedlings for flowers to the OCPD, Elena Kabukuru.

The women were all dressed in red t-shirts branded ‘Smart Ladies’, the name of their association.

They further planted trees, cleaned the compound and cut overgrown vegetation at the two stations as they marked the day whose theme was dubbed ‘communities make the difference’

“We decided to clean the two police stations because we rush here whenever we have our right violated in our line of duty. The police have played a big role in ensuring we operate smoothly irrespective of challenges we face, (sic)” said Ms Achieng.

Aside from the cleaning and planting of trees, they also donated mattresses, buckets, water tanks and brooms to the two police stations and mingled with officers.

The chairperson of the sex workers added: “We believe we are part of the society who should ensure the implementation of police reforms. The bedding and items we have bought might be so little, but we appreciate what role police plays.”

Upon receiving the donations, OCPD, Elena Kabukuru promised to help the sex workers push for their rights, urging them to not hesitate to report any act of assault against them to the police.

“We are happy to have sex workers acknowledge the role played by the police in policing. There are several cases reported to us by sex workers, cases that have been solved and others handed over to the courts,” the police boss said.


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