Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have finally announced a date for their $200 million fight. 

The fight has long been in the pipeline for the two champion boxers, but a date hasn’t been confirmed until now.

The two will reportedly face each other in Saudi Arabia on August 14. This is to be followed by a second fight later on in the year, which is expected to be held in the UK.

Their August 14 match will be the first undisputed heavyweight world champion since Lennox Lewis in 1999.

But who’s going to win? As of last month, Fury appeared to be the bookies favourite, DAZN reports. There were 11/4 odds on Fury to win by KO/TKO, while Joshua’s odds were 3/1 by KO/TKO.

With this in mind, Fury threatened to end the match early if he hadn’t knocked out Joshua by the third round. He said in an Instagram live video, ‘I’ve just been thinking… AJ, if you go past three rounds with me I’ll quit in the corner, that’s how confident I am of taking you out in the first two or three rounds. Out, out like a light.’


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