90% of women today marry who is ready and not who they love and that is why marriages are bitter with much pains – Erigga

Nigerian Hiphop sensation, Erigga has revealed the ultimate reason why there’s pain and bitterness in most marriages in our time.

According to him, this is because 90% of women marry who’s ready and not who they love.

Erigga tweeted:

“Do you know why there is so much pain and bitterness in marriages today , Its because 90% of women don’t marry who de love they marry who is ready #theerigma2”

Indeed, this is true in our day today. You’ll be dating a lady for so many years and just because you tell her you’re not ready for marriage, they walk away from you even though they love you.

So once a lady meets a guy who’s ready for marriage, they marry him blindly without considering the fact that they do not love the person.

Obviously, marriage on these standards may surely end in tears.


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